Pioneering Tomorrow's Treatment Together, Today.

One4DMD is on a mission. Our goal is to establish One4DMD as a central digital platform for educating and connecting care teams globally, championing community-endorsed care plans and ultimately providing safe and effective care to DMD families. ONE platform to pool resources and insights to Innovate. Collaborate. Cure DMD.

About us

Who is ONE4DMD for?

If you're a physician dedicated to the care of individuals living with DMD or a pharmacist actively involved in Gene Therapy Treatment, One4DMD provides comprehensive training, support, and a worldwide community for networking and knowledge exchange.

What is coming next?

Today, you are here on our “One4Educate” Platform to learn more about upcoming novel Gene Therapies for DMD. At the same time, we are working hard to launch the next phases of One4DMD: An international exchange platform for you to reach out to NMD colleagues internationally and share best practices and a platform supporting you in everyday care of your pediatric Gene therapy patients.

Who is “We”?

DHC GmbH is a small health-tech start-up based in Germany. Founded by Dr. Andreas Ziegler, Neuropediatrician at the University Hospital Heidelberg, and colleagues in 2021, we have grown into a unique team of passionate experts. We understand that navigating the healthcare system can be complex and challenging. Our vision is to provide innovative, personalized digital solutions combined with the "human factor" to transform the care of rare diseases. Get to know us better here.